Priority booking

We operate a priority booking system for staff who need to book rooms for specific activity for the new academic year (for example, for formal committee meetings). That system has now commenced, and, if you have been given priority status, we will have contacted you to assign you to a priority group. As in previous years there will be phases of priority and each group will be invited to make room requests in a specific order.

General booking requests

Staff will not be able to make a general room booking until the timetable has gone live in mid-September. Please do not email timetabling to try to book a room before then as we won’t be able to process your booking and your request will be cancelled.

Student bookings

Requests from student groups, clubs and societies

If you're in a student group, club or society and you'd like to block-book rooms outside teaching time for meetings you should email

If you're looking to make a single booking on a specific date or if you want to book a room during teaching hours please wait until mid-September when the online booking system will be made available.

Requests from taught students

You aren't able to use the online booking system for academic bookings if you're a taught student. Please see the Where you can study on campus and in the city webpage for more information on spaces that are available.