mg电子游戏摆脱 has been recognised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for its work on promoting a circular economy through its learning and teaching, 其应用可持续性研究及其应用 气候行动框架 减少校园内的碳排放.

的 University is featured as one of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's 异形的大学, a collaborative global community showcasing compelling teaching, research and other initiatives in the circular economy space.


mg摆脱是英国第一所签署《mg摆脱》的大学 绿色化学的承诺, a charter to train the next generation of chemists in the theory and application of green chemistry principles.

的 University has also introduced a Climate Literacy induction course for all undergraduate and postgraduate students to engage with the topic of climate change and gain insights into the University’s applied teaching and research in this area.

Sustainability is at the heart of many of the postgraduate courses on offer at Bath, including:

在课程中融入可持续性, the University is creating innovative educational initiatives for students to engage with sustainability and further develop the skills and attributes they will need.

例如, 垂直整合项目, 被称为贵宾, are innovative research and applied learning projects that enable inter-disciplinary, multi-level teams of students to work with a member of academic staff on long-term real-world projects which address global challenges often with a local focus.


Sustainability is one of the three key themes for research at Bath. 研究ers from across the University are exploring how we travel, 构建, 制造, 更可持续地加热和进食, bringing together innovative technological solutions with insight into human behaviour, 政策和社会.

该大学的 CSCT conducts research into sustainable technologies and the circular economy including:


作为它的一部分 气候行动框架, the University is implementing a whole institution response to the climate emergency, supporting the transition to net zero carbon through its institutional strategy and core decision making. 的 University has committed to becoming net zero carbon in its scope 1 (direct fuel combustion emissions), 2(购买的能源排放)和3(商品, 到2040年,旅游和投资)的排放量.

的 University has for many years created energy using combined heat and power plants (CHP) on campus, 以及现场回收废热.

Meeting the University’s ambitious carbon targets will require major reductions in the energy demands of the campus and 构建ings and a step change in how it addresses this.

的 University has recently commissioned a detailed heat decarbonisation study of its campus, 了解如何处理这个问题.

首席运营官, Keith Zimmerman said: “Climate change is the most urgent sustainability issue of our time, and the University is committed to becoming net zero by 2040 through embedding low carbon design into our Estates approach.

“的 strength of our whole institution approach is that whilst transitioning to net zero, mg电子游戏摆脱可以研究mg电子游戏摆脱自己的转变, use this as a tool to educate our students and to help the rest of society address the challenge of climate change.

“Becoming an Ellen MacArthur profiled university helps us to showcase this and amplify its impact.”

教授玛塞尔麦克马纳斯, Professor of Energy and Environmental Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Co-Director of the CSCT, said: “We are very excited and pleased to be a profiled university.

“可持续发展是mg电子游戏摆脱教育和研究的核心. Our students expect and deserve to have access to the latest research to help equip them for the workplace where net zero is core business.

mg电子游戏摆脱的工业, business and policy partners and colleagues are committed to decarbonising and developing the circular economy.

“Becoming an Ellen MacArthur profiled university helps us celebrate this and ensure others see the breadth and diversity we offer.”

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新播客。”mg电子游戏摆脱怎样才能达到净零呢?” features sustainability experts from across the University, including 教授玛塞尔麦克马纳斯.