The organisations below offer a range of grants and scholarships available to students traveling abroad for study or work placement.

Key Funding Schemes

The Turing Scheme

The mg摆脱’s International Relations Office is delighted to confirm that we have been successfully awarded funding for mobilities in 2021/22.

The scheme will support students on work and study placements in a number of international destinations.

Applications for Turing are now open. In this first instance, students who are eligible will be contacted by the Mobility Team.

Read more about the Turing Scheme here

The Erasmus Programme (for study/work in Europe)

The call for applications for Erasmus+ Grants for 2021-22 is now closed.

Under the terms of the UK’s withdrawal agreement from the European Union, the Erasmus+ programme will come to an end. The current project is ongoing and runs to 2023, however following this, UK Universities will no longer be able to participate in the scheme.

As the scheme draws to an end, the funding available for grants has become more and more limited and the grant awards have had to be prioritised.

Though the funding is limited, and some students may not be able to receive the Erasmus+ grants, students are still able to participate in the programme until 2023. We have a number of Erasmus+ partners who are still welcoming our students to study across Europe. The students who will not receive Erasmus+ grants but still participate in the programme are referred to as Zero Grant Participants.

Zero grant participants must fulfil all Erasmus+ criteria but they will not receive any Erasmus+ mobility grants. This means that the students will still benefit from access to the OLS language platform and a reduced tuition fee at Bath and will not be required to pay any tuition fees at their host university.

Other International Funding Opportunities

Student Finance Travel Grants

British Council and for students going to China

BUTEX Schlolarships

DAIWA (for studies in Japan)

BUNAC (for the US and Canada)

Fullbright Awards (US only)

Universities UK (for studies in India)

ASEM Duo fellowship