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Information, Decisions and Operations Division

We are an influential group of researchers who publish in leading journals. mg电子游戏摆脱的研究 areas include supply chain management, cyber security and forecasting.


We are an influential group of researchers working in one of the UK’s leading business schools. mg电子游戏摆脱的研究 areas include supply chain management, operational research, forecasting and mathematical modelling, cybersecurity and digital technology.

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School of Management faculty who are members of the Information, Operations and Decisions (IDO) Division


mg电子游戏摆脱的研究ers carry out applied, interdisciplinary research across a range of areas. We connect industry, academia and government in large-scale, innovative and exciting projects.


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We have a strong focus on income generation and a reputation for engagement with industry and society. mg电子游戏摆脱的研究, consulting and industry expertise has led us to develop three specialist 硕士课程. These courses are engaging, practical and provide students with the skills needed in the industry today.


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